DOCTORAL COURSE - 2021: PUBLIC NOTICE Nº 82, 19th of FEBRUARY 2021 availabel for the selection process of candidates to the doctoral course. Application should be done 4 weeks before the beginning of each academic period. More informattion in the Public Notice in Portuguese.

CAPES PrInt - PEB participates in the CAPES PrInt Internationalization Program. See more (in Portuguese)


Get to know the Project Lung Ventilator of Exception of PEB/COPPE/UFRJ with financial support from FAPERJ.

The Biomedical Engineering Program of COPPE / UFRJ


The Biomedical Engineering Program (PEB) is the oldest graduation course in BE in the country. It is conducted since the 1970’s at COPPE, the Coordination of Graduate Studies in Engineering of UFRJ. PEB is one of the Academic Excellence Programs, CAPES - PROEX. It is the unique Biomedical Engineering course of excellence of CAPES in the country since the beginning of this evaluation system. Applicants to the Master’s Degree course must undergo a selection process that begins in September of each year and lasts until December which includes a written test. Doctorate applicants may enter the course at the beginning of each academic year, but must submit a thesis project proposal.